Background: The basic motivation for the launching of ADLAB is the need to define and create effective and reliable educational guidelines for the practice of AD to make most audiovisual products available.

Aims and Objectives: The main aims of the project are to have a clear photograph of the present European situation in terms of audiodescription policy, provision, reception, gaps and limitations; to define international standards and guidelines for the industry and for all users; finally, to set up a Europe-wide network of audiodescription courses in higher education while sensitising policy-makers to the importance of providing the blind community with access to audiovisual products.

Activities: The project’s objectives will be pursued through eight work packages (WPs) distributed between the eight (full) partners and implemented in a logical, gradual progression to allow for close monitoring and assessment of project performance.

Deliverables: Deliverables are tangible or intangible objects (e.g. reports, services, products, events) produced as a result of the project. Deliverables will be uploaded as soon as they are completed and available in their consolidated versions.